• It’s been five days since Big Brother Began and things are already starting to escalate real quick….

As activities are in full swing in the Big Brother house, speculations have started going on between Pilot Miracle and Grammarian Nina but before any love web could brew between those two, Fine Hunk, Miracle began having eyes for another housemate; Ahneeka.

Bitto the comforter of the Universe tried to comfort Nina but Biggie’s camera caught his huge erection during the course of his niceness.

Khloe and K.Brule might just be taking over from Nina and Miracle as the new lovers in town. They have been giving us the feels since yesterday. K.Brule promised to marry Khloe because he wants to steal a kiss, but Khloe curved him in bed, all night! Well, we think so.

On the other side of the house, Princess tried to kiss Rico Swavey and he wasn’t just getting it. It was like she was forcing herself on him.

Almost all the housemates shed tears while talking to Big Brother in the Diary room. They confess to biggie that they miss their family members and their loved ones.

And during the week, Big Brother divided the housemates into groups of two. The indication of this is that each group gets evicted as a whole entity, regardless of the strength of each housemate’s fanbase.