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Politics: We Need a President come 2019!

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Image may contain: 1 personThe last two and half years of president Buhari’s administration will go down in the history of this nation as the the toughest and most turbulent period for Nigerians since after the advent of Democracy in 1999.

This country has never been divided as what presently obtain and it boils down to the mindset and psyche of president Buhari who has elevated nepotism, sectionalism and lukewarm attitude in handling the affairs of this nation. Has anyone bothered why Mr Magu will still be parading himself as the EFCC boss even when the National Assembly had rejected his nomination and called for his removal?

Has anyone bothered to ask why the Custom Comptroller-General; Col Ali (Rtd) would continue to wear mufti to work even when the Senate had directed him to do the needful by appearing on Custom uniform? Did Col Ali ever appear on Mufti during his days in the Army? Your guess is as good as mine.

Has anyone bothered to ask why Mr Maina; who was earlier indicted for massive corruption and subsequently suspended by the Head of Service of the federation will be reinstated on the orders of the president so expressingly?

These are clear cases of nepotism being championed by president Buhari; hence these men will remain untouchable as long as Buhari remains the president…and everybody is keeping mute. In the words of the National Chairman of PDP Mr UCHE Secondus; he said and I quote, “President Buhari is championing Nuclear Nepotism”.

For the first time since the return of our nascent democracy in 1999, Service Chiefs had never been appointed without accommodating each of the six geopolitical zones but what do we have under the government that promised us Change? He appointed Service Chiefs and favoured his geopolitical zones while leaving the South East and South South with nothing and yet not batting an eyelid?

Fmr President Obasanjo had earlier expressed total displeasure with president Buhari on his appointments which were skewed to favour the North. He took it further by calling on the National Assembly to reject henceforth, nominations from the president which negates the principle of Federal Character. I can go on and on.

These Nepotism and sectionalism being championed by the president has led to increased agitations and protest across the nation and instead of addressing the root cause of the agitations, the military were deplored to silence the agitators in an operation code-named “Python dance”.

As 2019 draws nearer, we need an articulate, passionate, exposed and a detribalized Nigerian; who understands the yearnings of the people and can use his enormous powers for the betterment of all and sundry without favouring a particular section over the other, and Alhaji Atiku Abubakar (GCON) readily comes to mind!

Besides being pleasantly detribalised and huge employer of labour across every region of the country, Turaki Adamawa has the required acumen to truly steer this giant of Africa on the real path to greatness.


 ———————————By Valentine Amala Ulasi


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