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Ndi Mbaise have planted an evil plant in Igboland

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The rejection and resignation of Bishop Okpaleke will have negative effect in near future. Ndi Mbaise have succeeded in planting a division in the church of God which may likely affect other social and political aspect of Igbo unity.

Today it is Bishop Okpaleke, tomorrow it could be someone else or you.

Bishop Okpaleke was not rejected because he is not competent and credible, but because he was not from Mbaise.

God forbid if other clans should join this trend. Those who rejoice over this discrimination which ndi Mbaise have successfully introduced maybe the victims tomorrow in their own chosen career.

There are many Igbo priests in many countries of the world, those countries accepted them, but here we couldn’t accept our own.

In Lagos, igbos contest election and win and Yorubas accommodate them, but here we can’t accept our own even in the House of God.

If discrimination starts from the House of God, then there is no hope for mankind.

This is a bad precedent.

Onye Imo was once the local govt Chairman of Onitsha South, he was accepted and accommodated, but Ndi Mbaise both home and overseas including Rev Priests resisted Onye Anambra with their last pint of blood.

And they are rejoicing?

Will they also rejoice when Onye Imo or Mbaise will be rejected or refused to take up any appointment by other Igbo communities and towns?

Bishop Okpaleke has resigned but the scar may not go.


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