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UK returnee artist, Tipsy exposes SARS personnel who demanded N100k bribe from her for indecent dressing

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Image result for tipsy enupo picturesUK returnee artist, Tipsy has added her voice to the #ENDSARS campaign after narrating her ordeal in the hands of personnel of anti-robbery agency who demanded for N100, 000 from her for indecent dressing. In her Instagram post, she explained that on the fateful day she was returning from an event with her friend on an uber cab when  some operatives of Sars stopped them and ordered them to come down from the cab. Then and after they proceeded to search them and on realizing that she just to the country from UK and that she is an artist they concluded that she has too much money to spear so they then accused her of indecent dressing and demanded bribe of N100, 000 from her. 
Read below the detail of her story.
We were in an uber taxi on our way back home, one of the officers flashed the car to stop.. saw two girls.. asked us to come down. Oya na no wahala.. we got off.. he searched our bags.. I had money in mine so perhaps there was already a perception of we go chop this night. Next thing he said.. oya go meet oga.. ok oga sars wetin be my offence first? U r INDECENTLY dressed !  I said excuse me? I am In a taxi.. with a skirt on.. u asked me to come out of uber that I am paying for to arrest me? Who does that? Am I standing on the road? No? Next thing .. common enter that van my friend..we are going to the station. So we sat there  at this point..I sent location to my friends cos I wasn’t even too sure of where I was. Aii.. So.. it became a thing of negotiation as if I had offended someone .. oya ha far? U go transfer 100k? Baba ha far? Where i wan c 100k? I sat in a van with no ventilation having a panic attack, I asked to come out for air.. they said wetin do u ..y u dey fan urself.. u no dey sweat. At this point I just thought my dear Tamara e go be for us this night. Image result for tipsy enupo pictures
But ya know I make jokes out of everything so I kept laughing the whole time. One of them even threatened to take our phone off us at some point.  Then they started moving the car. Oya where we dey go? They said station.. when we reach station u go carry taxify go ur house after we don settle.. bearing in mind where we was wasn’t even far from home .. we got some here. It was the first gate of the estate. Boss abeg stop na . The house is here..Make I give u 10k make we dey go.. he said which 10k.. u never ready to commot here.
We got to the second gate then the supposed boss said if u want to come down. Give me what u have now . I said 10k he said bring it. I gave him some money .
U c this man I uploaded his pic was one of them.. he foolishly gave me his phone number cos he intends to link up with me after intimidating , arresting and exploiting me. ..#ENDSARS”


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