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Nisma Ekere and Ita Enang , why have both of you choosen to become deaf and blind ? I’m saying this because, if you cannot see the performance of Governor Udom Emmanuel , you can listen to it on the radio or you ask someone to assist by telling you the progress of this Government .

I know you are not blind nor deaf, but your desparation to become Akwa Ibom State Governor and probe your supposed enemies , have eaten up your soul’s.

How can the noble son of Uyo Senatorial District like Obong Umana Okon Umana support you? When You say you will probe the Government he was the engine Room for seven years ? Adia Afit ki Inua !

You have become very lousy and undemocratic in your conducts . You fabricate a cocktail of lies and Ita Solomon Enang has become the mouth piece of demons propagating falsehood which are capable of causing breakdown of law and order in any community ,disrespecting Governor Udom Emmanuel by insulting the office of the Governor everyday on radio .

There is an adage in Ibibio land that says , when you disrespect a throne ,you will never sit on that throne .Both of you have disrespected the throne of the Governor of Akwa Ibom State and none of you can occupy that office . It is not a curse, but a natural or even divine realism

Most Akwa Ibom people have today noted a worrisome trend in the camp of the opposition, which is not only inimical to the stability of their members, but also causes the decay in their Party .

Since they lost election more three years ago, both obong Nsima Ekere and Senator Ita Enang have introduced and sustained an unfortunate political streak, majorly by lies, character assassination, false alarm, wild allegations, and lately, visual simulation, all in the desperation to deceive and misdirect the judgment of the Masses .

Both of you are simply engaging in deploying all manner of schemes to derail and compromise acceptability of the superior Performance of Governor Udom Emmanuel by the populace, which has been an uphill task for both of you .

Imagine Nsima Ekere telling the People of Ikot Ekpene that, he will Probe Chief Godswill Akpabio and beleive afterwards, any right thinking Annang person will vote for him ,no matter the party lines .

Annang are one the most united tribe in Akwa ibom State. They dont play politics with their brother’s safety. Saying so, you have already lost election in Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District and that was why they staged a walkout .

Obong Nsima Ekere without conscience, said that, Governor Udom Emmanuel is runing a Government of failed promises .

I wonder if this man still has senses to be able to comprehend well. Can that be said of PDP Government in Akwa Ibom State or the APC national Government ?

Governor Udom Emmanuel promised Akwa Ibom people industries , today Metering and solutions Manufacturing Company is working , Jubilee Syringe is producing , Peacock Paint is in the market across the Nation , Tooth Pick and Pencil factory is making APC Government proud who promised Nigerian that they will establish such factory in 2021.

Green World Technologies is blending fertilizer in Abak , for our teeming farmers , three Garri Mills have pushed down prices of Garri flour from three cups for two hundred naira to 12 cups two hundred naira .
Plastic and packaging Company in Uyo is test runing production , and will be formally comsssioned in days .
Flour mill will be commissioned in September 2018, Tiles and Plywood Company have completed the installations of production lines .
Cocoanut Refinery is currently undergoing the building of their factory house and administration blocks .
Prime Hatchery in Mbiaya Uruan have put an end to Akwa Ibom poultry farmers traveling to south-West to procure chicks from their farms .
Palm Oil mill mills have been established to provide our farmers with 21st century oil production methodology to ease their stress of going through palm oil production ,the primitive way .
In Road infrastructure , Governor Udom Emmanuel has constructed over 1723km of Roads , in Uyo alone 67 Roads have been constructed and over ten dualized Carriageways across the State. So is Nsima Ekere this blind ?
When we talk about Road Construction , it is not type of Roads done by his NDDC (mkpon Ayong Usung) constructed in the daytime and get delapidated the following morning .

Governor Udom Emmanuel’s Government Constructs road that last up to three decades without decay .

Governor Udom Emmanuel Promised to provide qualitative medicare to Akwa Ibom people, today he has Reconstructed and reequipped several hospitals with modern healthcare facilities. These are Hospitals in Ikot Okoro General Hospital in Oruk Anam , Etinan General Hospital , General Hospital -Ikono , General Hospital Ituk Mbang ,in Uruan Local Government Area , and General Hospital Eket wwwwwwwwwwww
The anniversary specialist Hospital is working , with new Trauma center and Dialysis Machines for Kidney Patients .

Emergencies Center in Ikot Ekpene is working , and Governor Udom Emmanuel has procured ambulances for emergency services across the State .
Apart from all these , his Governments policy on Healthcare , is free Medicare for the Elderly, Children under five and pregnant women .

Let me take out time to educate the ignorant Nsima Ekere that in the Education sub-sector, Governor Udom Emmanuel has constructed over 150 brand new classroom Blocks across the State and he has reconstructed over five hundred Class Room blocks through Inter-Ministerial and Direct Labour .

In ensuring Government provides a serene environment for learning , more than four Tetiarry institutions and secondary schools have had their access and internal Roads Constructed .
Akwa Ibom State University , both Obio Akpa Campus and Ikot Akpaden main campus , College of Education Afaha Nsit , Girls Model School Abak , Acess Road of Heritage Polytechnic , Eket , Access Road of Uyo City polytechnic and the internal Roads of CCC in Uyo .
In Akwa Ibom State University , New Administration block has been built , Radio & Television Stations have been licensed and built. Theater for Theater Arts has been completed and put to Use .
Over 24 new courses have gotten full accreditation or partial accreditation .
Akwa Ibom State Government have attracted over five new Armed Forces Schools to the State .
Including Navy school , Air force School , Police command school , Army Command Secondary School and War College.
Governor Udom Emmanuel has commissioned Girls Model School in Abak, to provide the girl Child qualitative education.

Governor Udom Emmanuel is providing to all citizens and non indigenes in the State ,from Primary school to Secondary Schools ,free , Qualitative Education . And Akwa Ibom State Government is paying over six hundred million naira yearly to West African Examination Council , to faciltate the taking of their Exams by Akwa Ibom Students in Public Secondary Schools .

Obong Nsima Ekere should be more reasonable than being unnecessarily desparate in trying to disqualify a superior performing Government. In even the power sector, he should visit is local Church for thanksgiving if he still a Chirstian , because, I doubt his faith in Christ over his evil utterances .
Ikot Abasi was without electricity , Governor Udom Emmanuel has restored power to Nsima’s Local Government Area .

In Akwa Ibom State today , residents enjoy a minimum of 20 hours of electricity , Courtesy of the four sub stations built Governor Udom Emmanuel .

The Ibom Airport for over 12 years of existence was powered by Generator, but now, the Ibom International Airport is powered through National grid .

Recently Government Akwa Ibom State installed a brand new power substation transformer along Ikot Ekpene Road that was destroyed .That is supposed to be the responsibility of the Federal Government.

Coming to Agric Sub-sector , Governor Udom Emmanuel has promised to diversify the economy ,to both industrialization and Agriculture based .

Akwa Ibom State Government has planted over two thousand Heactres of Casava plantation , that is why cost of Garri has gone down .

Rice Farms in three Local Government Area including Ini , Which Rice Mills have been fully installed and working .

The Mill is producing Dakkada Family Rice , which will soon be in the market in commercial quantity.

The State Government is assisting Young farmers to cultivate Vegetables through AKEES ,Akwa Ibom residents are no more traveling to Northern State to get Tomatoes , Cucumbers , Carrots , cabbages etc
The State Government have constructed Green Houses to also empowered.the growing of diverse crops both on on season and off -Season
Nsima should know the differences between a lying Government and Performing Government, Nsima should tell Akwa Ibom people what happened to the proposed dualization Calabar – Itu Road your APC promised. Today, Senator Ita Enang is supervising patching of the the Road .
What happened to Ogoni clean up that was launched about four years ago ? Why is naira not one to a dollar?
Where is th 600,000 jobs yearly ? Your Government promised to stop Boko Haram in three Months , three years after , the Terrorist Groups is still killing .
Let me not bother myself t

(It Is also good to note that APC is a party that is myopic, disoriented, dis­enchanted, and rudderless that has brought disaster and untold hardship to the Nigerian masses through lies and fake promises , APC in Akwa Ibom is dying very fast its was fraudulently formed to destroy the Nigerian democracy and economy .

APC house was built on total falsehood , even when some pundits were writing that the Party was dying , the little group of faithful continued to dwell in lies just like Chukwu Merije did during the Biafra war .Even when Enugu, Onitsha ,Aba had fallen to Nigeria’s troops , he kept telling his listeners that they have taken over Lagos and Abuja .

Truly APC party in Akwa Ibom State should be compared to a dead rat whose little flesh is gone but is moving with bones lining up in it ribs section , When Nsima Ekere took over the Niger Delta Development Co-operation , he invested all his effort in trending fraudsters and common crooks who go about lying to people with fake jobs award letters . And fair-weather men joined him in NDDC-APC .

Most of these victims who received the fraudulent award letters, have waited between six months and one year without mobilization to site by Nsima’s NDDC .

Today because of lies and failed promises many its members have decamped to Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)

APC is decaying, in the past months so many Akwa Ibomites have left this Party of lies and crooks, and among those who left are former Commissioner, Samuel Effanga , who was their major Stakeholder in Uyo Local Government Area

In his speech the Uyo Politician said “I left the warmth of the PDP family with the hope that I was going to find more warmth in the APC only to be greeted by a high level of impunity, lies, deception and corruption in the high hcripplwant to say that I am back to the party that I truly belong to.

A party that produced the present Governor Udom Emmanuel who in the past two years has made impressive and result-oriented efforts in delivery on his campaign promises. .
After his exit notable men like Prof NseAbasi , Otueking Anietie Ekong , Sunny Elijah , Obong Suony Udom , Gloria Udofia and so many I will not be able to mention here .

In Akwa Ibom State the Presence of APC was only in Uyo Senatorial District , now its members from Ibesikpo Asutan, Nsit Ibom , Uruan , Uyo , Nsit Atai , Itu , Ibiono and Etinan local Government Areas have all decamped into the Peoples Democratic Party , it therefore means the APC is like a dying lizard , crawling with skeleton but has no voice . Now the reality is facing the remnants , that house built on lies and falsehood is like a house built on top of the river .


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